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2 weeks ago

The Ferrari of golf clubs

We'll come clean up front on this one: most of us here aren't golfers. We can admire the skill it takes to drive a miniscule white ball off a tee onto a green over the horizon, but the game simply doesn't raise our pulse rates.

In fact, most of us would quickly be kicked off the links for trading paint in golf carts, or for re-wiring the electric motors to make the carts faster. Still, when we see a press release that Ferrari is teaming up on a line of golf equipment, we take notice.

The newly-announced Ferrari Golf Collection was developed in collaboration with Ferrari and Cobra Puma Golf, and includes everything from clubs to footwear and accessories. While many items are simply branded with the prancing horse logo, Ferrari spent quite a bit of time refining the Cobra Ferrari Driver.

The club's shape is the result of input from Ferrari's aerodynamic engineers, who made changes to reduce drag as the club is swung through the air. The net result is a higher club head speed, and even we know that higher speed is a good thing.

Tom Preece, vice president of R&D at Cobra Puma Golf called the new driver a "work of art," complimenting not just the club's shape but its hand-stitched leather grip, its Ferrari leather head cover and its Fujikura Motore Speeder Shaft.

Ferrari isn't the first supercar manufacturer to contribute to the development of better golf clubs, either. Lamborghini has already paired with Callaway Golf on the development of Forged Composite materials which can be used to make both cars and golf clubs lighter and faster.

Ferrari Golf Collection items are set to go on sale July 1. For a preview of what will be offered, head on over to the Ferrari Golf Collection website.

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2 weeks ago

Chemistry Lab Equipment Repair and Service

Laboratory equipment that can ensure excellent operational stability and accuracy is essential for laboratories functioning in medical research facilities, universities, and educational institutions. Maintenance and reconditioning services provided at the right time would ensure efficient functioning of your chemistry laboratory devices. Chemistry laboratories can improve the operational stability of the devices and carry out research heater repair functions with enhanced efficiency by utilizing chemistry lab equipment repair and maintenance service offered by established CCR (Central Contractor Registration) certified medical equipment distributors in the US.

Prompt Repair and Maintenance Ensure Consistent Performance

Chemistry lab equipment includes a wide range of devices such as chemistry analyzers, microscopes, pipettes, distillation equipment, centrifuges, autoclaves, balances and scales, hot plates, measuring cylinders, hematology analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, coagulation analyzers, and so on. Continuous use of these devices can cause damage to the components, as well as wear and tear of the entire device, which in turn leads to functional inaccuracies. Performing experiments and tests on such erratic devices would be unsafe, as it directly affects the quality of evaluation reports. The best thing to do would be to schedule maintenance and repair solutions promptly and utilize the devices without critical malfunctions for a long term.

Most experienced CCR certified medical equipment suppliers ensure well-organized maintenance and repair services. These distributors are backed by a skilled team of factory-trained technicians who provide efficient revamping services for all kinds of appliances, irrespective of whether the devices are new or used models. Professional repair and maintenance services offered by these experts would make your equipment function like new and help you save the money that would be otherwise required to replace the device with a new model.

Comprehensive Solutions with Exceptional Benefits

To identify the exact reason for the malfunctioning of your lab equipment, experienced technicians would thoroughly evaluate the performance stability of the device at various levels. Once the defects are detected, they carry out all the reconditioning procedures including disassembling, replacement of components, reassembling and other procedures, strictly adhering to the regulations formulated by the original manufacturers. The reconditioned devices are retested to ensure reliable performance without any breakdowns. The comprehensive laboratory equipment repair and maintenance service solutions air conditioner repair service offered by reputable suppliers include:

o In-house service and repairs

o Preventive maintenance (PM) service

o Service contracts for lab device repair

o Time and material service visits

o Depot service contracts covering all parts and labor for many smaller pieces of equipment

o Customized on-site annual service contracts

o Extended warranties

o Ongoing personal support services

Avail of Reliable Lab Equipment Repair Services

Chemistry laboratories looking to enhance the performance steadiness and accuracy of their laboratory devices should get in touch with a reputable CCR certified medical equipment supplier. This would allow them to benefit from professional chemistry lab equipment repair and service that ensures flawless hvac repair near me functioning of the devices, and quality research results.

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3 weeks ago

DUI: What You Need To Know Now!

DUI: What You Need To Know Now!

3 weeks ago

Negative Effects of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the surgical method of correcting or restoring body parts and their functions. The word plastic comes from the Greek word plastikos, which means 'to mold'. This surgery also involves molding or shaping the body features and parts either for enhancing the appearance of an individual or for restoring a deformed body part and its functions. Accordingly plastic surgery is categorized into two main fields, cosmetic surgery for enhancing looks and beauty, and reconstructive surgery, which is carried out for the purpose of restoration of damaged body parts.


3 weeks ago

Fix Up Your Home - Five Inexpensive Things You Can Do Now

Our home has seen many changes over the past almost thirty years that we have lived in it. The function of our home is different now than it was thirty years ago, when we were starting out and building a family. The things we needed from our home have changed through the years as our lives have changed. Our family is grown, and now, in our retirement years (hopefully sooner than later), our home's purpose is evolving yet again. We have begun making some changes and fixing up our home.

Like many people, we have fallen prey to cut-backs and downsizing, and the recession has taken a huge bite out of our retirement savings. Costly home repairs and remodeling were simply not an option. We evaluated our home's condition and determined our current needs. With lots of research, the help of a couple of friends, lots of elbow grease, and some creative thinking, we were able to fix up our home with very little home improvement tips cost.

I will share what we have learned, and hopefully save you some unnecessary expense if you are looking to update and fix up your home. It can be done cheaply, and well, with a little preparation, planning, and a creative approach.

Before you begin, take the time to discuss your needs now and anticipate your future needs, individually and collectively, as a family. Take a good, hard look around, and evaluate the condition of home decor your floors, walls, windows, stairs, fixtures, window treatments, and everything else. Write down your ideas, plans, and goals for your home. Start collecting ideas from magazines, paint swatches from home improvement stores, wallpaper books, fabric swatches. Keep these in a binder or binders for each room. Take measurements of floor space, windows, walls, and record those in your binder. Even if you do not plan to do everything right away, start collecting and building your plan in your binder. Having all this information handy and ready when you need it will save you much time when you get down to actually doing the work. Having this reference tool will also keep you motivated and working towards your goal, and it will keep your vision clear during the process. Take the binder with you when you shop for fixtures, paint, wallpaper, and accessories so that you will have your measurements and color references. This will insure that you purchase the correct amount and the right colors.

3 weeks ago

What To Look For In an SEO Company? by Broad Sherry

Go to a popular search engine like Google, and search for a keyword relevant to your business and check whether you can find your company in the first page of the search results. If you don't find it there, then how can your customers find you from among those millions of competitors? Here, search engine optimization can help you reach your customers. Social Media Marketing is a web technique which ensures you that you reach your targeted customers who are located in different parts of the world.

In today's competitive world, it is very important that you get a Search Engine Optimization for your website. You can always outsource the same to a trusted and experience search engine optimization Company who can do the work for you. It is not easy to find a good SEO company who gets you the result for what your pay. Some companies make you pay extra claiming that they will bring your website on top of the Google result search engine optimization company page and end up in not finding in any search engine at all. Hence, it is essential to understand what to look for in a SEO company before choosing one. Which one of these methods is the most effective when it comes to search engine marketing? Pay Per Click Optimization is a one or the other" technique or is a successful SEM campaign dependent on prudent utilization of both techniques? These questions have been brought to the forefront thanks to a brewing disagreement between parties supporting each side.

Before starting with this, the SEO specialists should visit your company and understand each and every aspect of your business so that they can help your achieve your marketing goals. If you already have a website, they should do a thorough checking of your current website and analyze its performance with regards to your competitor's site, so that they can get you the maximum benefit out of the Search Engine Optimization. Another important point they need to consider is your keyword. They need to develop or find the appropriate keywords for your website in order to attract more traffic to your website. This helps to achieve your online sales target.

Before implementing the optimization plan, they need to show you a test version so that you can see the working and can suggest for any changes if there need to be any. They need to seo service have a proper link building plan as it is a very critical ingredient of SEO which, if done properly, will give you long term results. This is not the end as they need to give you quarterly or monthly reports also on the progress of your Search Engine Optimization. As an addition to this, some search engine optimization companies also give an offer to expand the search engine optimization by adding more keywords based on the day to day changes in the market.

If you find a company or a specialist who gives you the above services, then don't wait; start today!

3 weeks ago

Diesel fuel contamination - What it is and how to treat it

Introduction - 2009/30/EU

In January 2010 a new fuel directive (2009/30/EU) was released by the EU which has caused much confusion among many industries. The directive requires that all Non Road Mobile Machinery -including agricultural, and construction equipment, and mobile gen-sets and pumps, amongst others - use only Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) . It was the intention of this legislation to reduce sulphur related emissions, but it has fuel management system had other knock-on effects. Sulphur is required in diesel to provide lubrication for the engine, whithout it engine fuel management components experience greater wear. Removing almost all of this sulphur reduces the lubiricity of the diesel, which is currently solved by adding bio-diesel to the fuel, as it has a superior lubiricity to petro diesel. Whilst adding bio-diesel solves the lubiricity issue, it causes problems with fuel contamination.

What causes Diesel Fuel Contamination?

Compared to petro diesel, bio-diesel has inferior oxygen stability, meaning if bio-diesel comes into contact with oxygen while in the fuel tank, it reacts with it to form peroxide. The presence of this peroxide then allows the formation of organic acids. These organic acids then, in turn, cause gums and resins to form in the fuel, a common cause of blocked engine filters. Another problem with Bio-diesel is its increased hygroscopy compared to petro-diesel, meaning that if absorbs more water. Bio-diesel can absorb up to 1500ppm of water, much higher than pertro-diesel's 50ppm, resulting in a higher dissolved water content in the fuel. As the temperature of the fuel rises and falls during diesel fuel vs gasoline engine operation this dissolved water precipitates out of the fuel. As this water is heavier than the fuel it sinks to the bottom of the tank, forming a layer of free-water. This free-water can encourage the growth of diesel bug.

Other causes of contamination include poor fuel storage, bad fuel transfer and housekeeping practices, or simple human error, and can result in grit, rust, water and sand and other contaminants ending up in the fuel, which ultimately could harm the engine fuel system.

What problems does diesel fuel contamination cause?

Today's diesel engines are much less tolerant of fuel contaminants than older engines. Any contamination by water or other substance has a chance of causing permanent damage to the engine or fuel system if it gets into the engine. The presence of water in fuel injection systems can greatly increase the amount of wear inflicted on the engine and may damage it. However water in fuel tanks also causes another serious problem known as 'diesel bug'. Diesel Bug is the generic name given to the microbes that grow within fuel tanks. It is a cocktail of up to 100 different strains of bacteria, mould and yeast. Like all living organisms they need food and water to survive. Fuel is their food and the presence of free water in the tank will allow them to thrive and feed on the hydrocarbons in your diesel. Not only does this gradually degrade the quality of the fuel, but the microbes will also produce bio-mass which will block engine filters. They also excrete acids that will, over time, corrode your fuel tank.

3 weeks ago

Teardrop Breast Implants - InfoBarrel

Teardrop breast implants, sometimes

referred to as anatomical breast implants, were originally developed

for use in reconstructive breast surgery. However, they have become

incredibly popular for use in cosmetic breast augmentation surgery

thanks to the more natural look they give. This is due to their

teardrop shape, which is a bottom heavy design that gives more volume

to the lower part of the breast, as with natural breasts.

4 weeks ago

'Home Improvement' Actor Dies - CBS News

Actor Earl Hindman, best known for playing a neighbor whose face was forever obscured by a fence on the television show "Home Improvement," died of lung cancer Monday in Stamford, Conn. He was 61.

As Wilson, the neighbor of Tim Allen's character on the long-running sitcom, Hindman dispensed folksy advice from behind a white picket fence, with only his eyes and forehead visible to audiences. Before appearing on the show, he played Detective Lt. Bob Reid for 16 years on the daytime drama "Ryan's Hope."

Hindman made his name in New York theater, appearing in "Dark of the Moon" off Broadway in 1970 and in "The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel" at the Public Theater in 1971. He also acted in two short-lived Broadway plays and in several movies, including "The Ballad of the Sad Cafe" (1991) and "Final" (2001).

He was born in Bisbee, Ariz., and studied acting at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

1 month ago

What's Inside a Plumber's Toolbox? Photos of Plumbing Tools List and Materials Needed to Get The Job Done!

Did you know that April 25th is National Plumbers Day?

Plumbing is one of the Highest Paying Jobs in the Construction Field.

Plumbers are responsible for 2 Basic Principles:

Providing Potable Water (safe to drink) and Keeping it Next