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2 weeks ago

Divorce Agreement Template

Separating from a person who you swore to love and live with for eternity is probably one of the most difficult decisions that a person has to make. There is always a lot of emotional baggage that is connected to making such a decision. And the pain caused only increases when you end up in a court proceeding, alleging a person you loved about things that would in normal circumstances be either inconsequential or just the cause of an argument. Ugly divorce proceedings are situations no one wants and one of the best ways to avoid one of this is to agree to sign mutually drafted divorce agreement. In such a scenario it may be a good idea for each party involved to be at least familiar with a te

2 weeks ago

Gas Fireplace Installation

A gas-lit fireplace gives a warm, traditional look to your drawing room and is an eco-friendly option compared to a wood burning one. A traditional wood burning one not only degrades nature, but is also messy. A fireplace is generally the place where one spends quality time, alone or with a loved one. It's that corner of the house where you would want to cherish memories. So, if you can't wait to have a cozy atmosphere on a chilly night and are thinking of how to install one, you have come to the right page. Let's start with the installation process.


First and foremost, decide the right place for installing the fireplace. Decide on a corner, as it is the best

2 weeks ago

Rental Property Management Fees

Managing a property on your own can be a largely time-consuming job. If it's a rental property, then the scale of management is even higher and more complex. Recognizing this need of property owners, professional property management companies were created. They offer a complete rental property or residential property management solution for property owners. If you are the owner of a residential or rental property, thinking of outsourcing the management job to a professional company, this article will provide you with a breakdown of management fees charged by such companies.

There are hundreds of things that need to be handled, when it comes to managing a rental property. You could either hire a company to manage the affairs of your property, or opt for a rental property management software, that makes your job easier. While a professionally managed firm's services will cost you more, a property management software will cost a lot lesser. Let us now proceed further and see what are the factors that decide these fees.

Analysis of Management Fees

While hiring a personal property manager may seem like a more convenient solution, professional firms are in a better position to do the job for you. They handle everything from advertising for your property, finding tenants, signing Full Article lease agreements, handling rental accounts, maintenance jobs to creation of lease renewal agreements. Firms may offer to do some or all of these jobs for you. Depending on the number of property affairs that they handle, the fees charged will be higher. Here is an analysis of the fees that you can see here expect to be charged with.

Commission Earnings

One of the sizable parts of the fees is the money you pay the firm as commission. These fees are generally charged as a percentage of rent collected from your property. It may vary widely from as low as 3% to more than 15%. Some property management firms will ask for a fixed amount of commission, irrespective of the rent earnings. This fee will depend on the size of rental property being managed and may be anything upwards of $200 a month.

Advertising Cost

To find tenants for your rental property, the firm will incur some additional cost, that will be added to the property management fees that you pay. This advertising cost will depend on the kind of media used for the purpose.

Lease Agreement Related Fees

The legal aspects of rental management will include setting up of a lease agreement and even renewing the same when it has lapsed. The cost incurred in creation of these agreements through legal channels will add to the property management fees.

Maintenance Costs

Property management firms also carry out maintenance jobs for you and they will charge an extra commission for every such job executed. You will have to pay for the maintenance job plus their additional charge for handling the job for you.

For a better estimate, you will have to directly contact a property management company, which will provide you with a detailed analysis of the services and fees that they charge. While personal management of property is certainly a lot more cheaper, the charges that you pay for professional management are certainly reasonable considering they save your time and energy spent in managing those affairs.

2 weeks ago

7 Small Business SEO Tips From the Experts

As a small business owner you need to consider one simple but very important fact. When people perform a search in a major search engine for your products or services only one of two outcomes is possible: they will find your website, or they will find your competitors.

With around 45,000 Google searches performed per second, showing up in the first few results in a search for your products or services can have a huge impact on your business. Getting in those top positions, however, can be a rather bewildering, daunting and elusive task for a

2 weeks ago

Donald Trump Threatens Legal Action Over Charge Against Campaign Manager

Donald Trump says he is considering legal action in response to a recent battery charge against campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

"Frankly, this is not a claim that should have been made," Trump told ABC News' David legal assistance near you Muir on "Good Morning America" this morning.

Lewandowski was arrested on Tuesday morning for allegedly grabbing former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields following a Trump event earlier this month. Trump dismissed the incident as "very minor," saying that "practically nothing happened."

"I'm sure there will be a counter-claim coming down the line," Trump added. "Should I file charges against her because she touched my arm as well?"

Trump insisted that Fields was "hardly even touched."

"Her face wasn't that of a woman screaming in pain," Trump said. "He didn't try to throw her to the ground. You look at Twitter, people think it's a total disgrace she's filing charges," he said, referring to the Jupiter, Florida, Police Department's investigation revealing probable cause to charge Lewandowski. "This case, let it go to court."

Fields first spoke about the alleged incident in an op-ed published earlier this month. Fields alleges she was assaulted at Trump's news conference on March 8, the night of the Michigan, Mississippi and Idaho Republican primaries, after posing a question to the New York real estate mogul.

"Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm fraud lawyer and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken," Fields wrote.

In her op-ed, Fields went on to say The Washington Post's Ben Terris identified the aggressor as Lewandowski.

"I watched as a man with short-cropped hair and a suit grabbed her arm and yanked her out of the way. He was Corey Lewandowski, Trump's 41-year-old campaign manager," Terris confirmed.

Lewandowski denied the alleged incident with Fields and called her "totally delusional" on Twitter.

After Lewandowski was charged, the Trump campaign responded with a statement asserting Lewandowski's innocence.

"Mr. Lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge. He will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. He is completely confident that he will be exonerated."

ABC News' Veronica Stracqualursi contributed to this report.

2 weeks ago

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Real Estate Articles

Home Home Real EstateTelephone Systems For Estate Agents By Eugene Alcide

Telephone Systems For Estate Agents

The business telephone system has always been a crucial part of business, they are especially important for estate .... solution for communications. The NS700 is a great IP communication system for businesses with up to 250 users at a single site

3 weeks ago

Business, financial and personal finance news


Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer. Morningstar:

3 weeks ago

Lady Gaga to Debut New Song ‘Million Reasons’ During 3-Date Tour

Lady Gaga to Debut 'Million Reasons' During Dive Bar Tour | Variety

Lady Gaga fans have more new material to look forward to next week.

The singer-songwriter is embarking on a three-date tour, called the Dive Bar Tour, on Wednesday. The tour, sponsored by Bud Light, will see Gaga in more intimate venues as opposed to packed arenas, and be streamed on Bud Light's Facebook Live feed.

During the first performance, which will kick off at 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET Wednesday, Gaga will debut a new song, "Million Reasons," off of her highly anticipated upcoming album, "Joanne," which will be released on Oct. 21. It will be the second song to be heard by the public off her fifth studio album.

RelatedLady Gaga Buys Frank Zappa Home

Lady Gaga Goes Gaga for Quirky Frank Zappa Compound (EXCLUSIVE)

Two more performances are scheduled for Oct. 20 and Oct. 27. The whereabouts of the shows are being kept under wraps.

"I love this dive bar tour so much, because I get to go perform these songs and really look my fans in the eyes when I'm singing to them and really try to have a more natural human experience," Gaga said in a statement. "This record was about me trying to understand my father, and his grief. It's also a record about me trying to understand myself and wondering where I'm going next in life. Because truly, the thing that I'm searching for the most is to feel connected to humanity, to feel connected as a person. So Joanne is like, you know, Lady Gaga if you erase all the fame."

Gaga released her lead single off "Joanne," "Perfect Illusion," last month, debuting a new sound that sounds more influenced by rock than previous electronic pop albums. "Perfect Illusion" took the top spot on iTunes in 60 countries after its release.

The superstar has been keeping busy in recent months, and earlier this week confirmed that she'll be headlining the Super Bowl LI halftime show. The big game will take place on Feb. 5, 2017, at the NRG seo optimization Stadium in Houston.

Bud Light released a website seo 15-second teaser for the search engine marketing tour, which you can watch above.

3 weeks ago

Attention Required! | CloudFlare

3 weeks ago

Consequences of A DUI penalty

Among the fifty states of America, Florida was able to cite a significant number of traffic incidents and cases that comes after Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). This is the reason why state lawmakers have been at their best, some are under constant pressure, in coming up and formulating new laws, regulations and protocols to curb such traffic crime.

The consequences of a DUI penalty have varrying effects as to what state a person has committed the offense. For instance, there are states that incurred penalties which may be a result of two things. First, the type of DUI being charged to the person. The second is, the person's criminal record. If, for example, that the accused have already committed some DUI offenses in the past within the span of 7 years or 84 months, then the consequences may be hefty.

But if the felony or criminal record of the suspected DUI offender is clean and is later found guilty, the following DUI penalty may be charged him or her:

(1) For first-time offenders who have reached a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) above .08%, the person will be sentenced 10 to 180 days jail time. Within that duration, the 9 days of which will be used for alcohol consultations, evaluations and treatments.

(2) A fine of $1800 will be the person's immediate monetary sanction excluding jail costs.

(3) Driver's License suspension is also an inevitable penalty. It may take at least 90 days suspension.

(4) Community service

(5) Installation of an Ignition Interlock device for a year.

(6) DUI classes which takes some hours and tackles some sessions on alcohol counseling, open-group discussions, film viewing, and some victim's or offender's testimonials on drunk driving.

However, if you have already made repetitive offenses of a DUI, the read here penalties are guaranteed to be harsher and intense. For example, the minimal time of the accused jail period may extend to 90 days for second-time offenders and 45-180 days for third or multiple-time offenders. In comparison with firs-time offenders, those who already received a DUI several time are best adviced to consult or seek the service of a DUI attorney, one who is very competitive and the best in what he does. Having a legal counsel at this "crucial time" may spare the suspected person to even greater troubles ahead of him.

Hence, with all that has been said here, we can conclude that a the go to this web-site consequences of a DUI penalty is indeed not a joking matter. It takes a lot of things to consider the effects and aftermaths, not to mention the life-changing outcome it can give to the offender's life. So, better check on your self after having a drink of hard liquor before heading off the road and get caught for a DUI. Because, trust me, you really don't to be charge by it.

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